Steven Seeger - Engineering Excellence Award

At the NASA Independent Verification and Validation Annual Workshop on September 15, 2011, MPL employee Steven Seeger was awarded one of two Engineering Excellence Awards presented annually by the IV&V Program.

Steven works (under contract to TASC, Inc.) as lead developer for the IV&V Independent Test Capability (ITC), whose charter is to develop, maintain and operate an adaptable test environment for the IV&V Program that enables the dynamic analysis of software behaviors for multiple NASA missions.  ITC provides a means to assess system dynamics through the perspective of IV&V’s Three Questions:  1) Does the software exhibit behaviors exactly as intended?  2) Does the software not exhibit behaviors that were not intended? and 3) Does the software exhibit expected behaviors under adverse conditions?


Gregory Blaney (IV&V Program Director), Steven Seeger (MPL senior software engineer), and Ken Vorndran (IV&V Program Deputy Director)


The text of the award letter is presented below:


September 15, 2011

Dear Mr. Seeger:

On behalf of the NASA Independent Verification and Validation Program, it is my great pleasure to recognize your contributions to the development and enhancement of IV&V’s engineering approaches.  The missions to which you have applied your considerable skills have greatly benefited from your dedication to excellence.

You have earned our highest regard as one of NASA’s leading validation and verification engineers.  Colleagues and customers alike have been impressed with your exceptional ability to work with and lead people in such a way as to ensure enduring relationships that consistently result in programmatic success.  Your approach to teamwork and commitment to excellence has been critical to the success of the IV&V Program.

It is an honor to recognize the many ways you have proven yourself to be a valuable asset to NASA and to the IV&V Program.  Please accept the 2011 NASA IV&V Engineering Excellence Award with your deepest respect and appreciation.


Gregory D. Blaney


NASA Independent Verification and Validation Program


MPL congratulates Steven on this outstanding award, and recognizes his exemplary dedication to exceptional customer service.  Great job, Steven!


MPL Corporation Celebrates 25 years of Providing Quality Information Technology Solutions


MPL Corporation

Buckhannon, WV – This year MPL Corporation celebrates its 25th year in business as an Information Technology Services provider. Established in June of 1985, the company initially focused on providing information processing and programming support to small and medium-sized public and private organizations—entities large enough to require computer support, but not large enough to require full-time internal support staff or to easily absorb the cost of buying a computer of their own.  The original partners in MPL bought out the assets of an existing business, Management Information Systems (MIS), including their mini-computer and a roster of public and private clients, and then proceeded to add to the customer base.

Over time, the complexion of the information technology industry has changed dramatically.  Computing systems have become both less expensive and more complex to manage, Internet usage has exploded, and the risks of technology or security failures have increased exponentially.  In response, MPL has shifted its focus from providing access to a computer via timesharing to providing customized software and systems development and network integration and support.  MPL continues to develop software and maintain systems for a number of clients in both the government and commercial marketplace, but has also added to its expertise and services a host of other capabilities.  Currently, MPL offers software Quality Assurance Analysis/Independent Validation and Verification, project management, biometric technology support, web site design, web hosting, e-commerce, and network support services in addition to its core systems and application design and development services.

A partner in the company since its inception, President Linda Kay Wellings says it’s the relationships made over the years that have sustained the business.  “We are successful today because of the partnerships we have formed – with employees, vendors and customers,” said Wellings.  “It may sound trite, but we truly care about meeting others’ needs to the best of our ability.  It is our dedication to quality service and `going the extra mile’ that keep our customers coming back.”

MPL has long been actively involved in several collaborative initiatives established to grow the information technology sector in West Virginia.  MPL is a charter member of both Software Valley, an organization sponsored by Sen. Robert C. Byrd, and the WV High Technology Consortium Foundation, an initiative supported by Rep. Alan Mollohan.  Additionally, MPL has been active in the WV Entrepreneur’s Forum, hosted by West Virginia University; the WV Chamber of Commerce; and is a yearly contributor to the Teaming to Win Conference, intended to match small businesses with federal government agencies or large companies looking for smaller teaming partners.  Since its inception, MPL has been a strong proponent of the concept of teaming with other complementary organizations to win new contracts and then share the revenue.

MPL moves into the future with a diversified set of skills and a competitive business structure.  As a result of a reorganization in the 1990s, MPL now qualifies as a small, woman-owned business.  As it continues to offer traditional systems and software development, multimedia courseware production, and web-based applications, the company remains alert for fresh business opportunities, alone or in conjunction with one or more of its teaming partners.  More news and information about MPL Corporation is available on its website at


Wellings elected chairwoman of Freedom Bank board of directors

L_Wellings-smFreedom Bank recently announced that Linda K. Wellings was elected chairwoman of the board of directors at its annual organizational meeting. Wellings has served on the board of Freedom Bank since June 2003 and previously served as chairwoman of the Audit Committee.

"It is indeed exciting to have Mrs. Wellings as the chair of Freedom Bank. She brings a vast amount of business and technology experience to the board. She has been an exemplary member of the board since joining Freedom Bank and her day-to-day experiences will be invaluable to us as we go forward in these difficult economic times," said Mike Hudnall, president and CEO of Freedom Bank. "Our most recent chair, Craig Hott, and current chair of Freedom Bancshares Inc., John Jenkins Jr., have provided immense leadership. Mrs. Wellings will continue to focus on the vision that the board has for Freedom Bank."

She has served as president of MPL Corp. since 1986. Her exceptional abilities to organize, integrate, and maximize the development and personal growth of human resources has made her an industry leader. She has long been a proponent of the development of high technology companies within the state of West Virginia.

Wellings has served as the chairwoman of the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce and was the first female chairwoman in 70 years. She has also served on the West Virginia Commission for National and Community Service for nine years, two of which she served as chairwoman, and was presented the Distinguished West Virginian Award by the governor on July 15, 2009.

Wellings has been a member of the West Virginia High Technology Consortium for many years and has served on the Affiliate Leadership Council. She served many years on an advisory board for the Small Business Development Center.

She is active in her church in Buckhannon, and she serves as the prayer coordinator for First United Methodist Church. She recently joined the board of directors of Mission West Virginia.

Wellings is also involved in the community and serves as a trustee for West Virginia Wesleyan College, as well as a board of director member of Freedom Bank and Freedom Bancshares Inc.

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