Steven Seeger - Engineering Excellence Award

At the NASA Independent Verification and Validation Annual Workshop on September 15, 2011, MPL employee Steven Seeger was awarded one of two Engineering Excellence Awards presented annually by the IV&V Program.

Steven works (under contract to TASC, Inc.) as lead developer for the IV&V Independent Test Capability (ITC), whose charter is to develop, maintain and operate an adaptable test environment for the IV&V Program that enables the dynamic analysis of software behaviors for multiple NASA missions.  ITC provides a means to assess system dynamics through the perspective of IV&V’s Three Questions:  1) Does the software exhibit behaviors exactly as intended?  2) Does the software not exhibit behaviors that were not intended? and 3) Does the software exhibit expected behaviors under adverse conditions?


Gregory Blaney (IV&V Program Director), Steven Seeger (MPL senior software engineer), and Ken Vorndran (IV&V Program Deputy Director)


The text of the award letter is presented below:


September 15, 2011

Dear Mr. Seeger:

On behalf of the NASA Independent Verification and Validation Program, it is my great pleasure to recognize your contributions to the development and enhancement of IV&V’s engineering approaches.  The missions to which you have applied your considerable skills have greatly benefited from your dedication to excellence.

You have earned our highest regard as one of NASA’s leading validation and verification engineers.  Colleagues and customers alike have been impressed with your exceptional ability to work with and lead people in such a way as to ensure enduring relationships that consistently result in programmatic success.  Your approach to teamwork and commitment to excellence has been critical to the success of the IV&V Program.

It is an honor to recognize the many ways you have proven yourself to be a valuable asset to NASA and to the IV&V Program.  Please accept the 2011 NASA IV&V Engineering Excellence Award with your deepest respect and appreciation.


Gregory D. Blaney


NASA Independent Verification and Validation Program


MPL congratulates Steven on this outstanding award, and recognizes his exemplary dedication to exceptional customer service.  Great job, Steven!